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Relevant & Important Information

All of the information below is supplied to hopefully answer some questions you may have. As well, to give a basic understanding of training with MuttHaviorist works. Further down on the page, just follow the link to learn more specific details about what you may be looking for; including programs and information on training philosophies plus much more

Session Place

Will be held at a client's residence, unless otherwise agreed upon. 


Puppy Programs

6 Months and Under

Basic Obedience

6 Months and Older

Behavior Rehabilitation

Any age

Behavior Rehabilitation 

All programs start with an initial package that is 3 hours over two sessions including an evaluation

Right to Annoy!

You read that correctly. Every client enjoys the privilege of contacting Daniel at any time with any questions about your pup. This is part of any package, and it is encouraged for all to do so. 

Session Length

   Sessions will take place in either

 1or 2 hour increments depending          on program. Basic Obedience     program sessions are always 1 hour

Service areas

I serve Philadelphia and the surrounding counties

as well as south Jersey.

Happy to go a little

further if needed :)

24 Hour 

Cancelation Notice Needed. 

Self Scheduling

All scheduling is left up to you but don't worry it is really easy and always at your convivence. 

Can do everything on website

     Any program you choose will

     take you through the site in a              manner that will allow you to

           to sign up, fill out forms,

        schedule sessions and pay. 

Welcome to MuttHaviorist Canine Rehabilitation & Dog Training 

Get Started Below!

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