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Basic Obedience Training

 For dogs 6 months of age and above. These trainings will provide not only the teaching of the trainings but application as well. Allowing pet parents and their dogs to navigate the world and their best lives together!

General Information

Session Length

1 hour

3 Package Options

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

I Got Your Back! Right to Annoy!

With every purchase comes unlimited customer service.

Annoy me, I mean it!

Programs build upon each other

A structured approach where each training program builds on the previous one, progressively enhancing your dog's learning and development.

In-Home Training

All sessions take place at your home!

Sessions per Program

5 Sessions

All Programs

  • Focus on application of training

  • Positive Reinforcement based

  • Focus on having the best relationship possible with your dog

Dog Behavior Explanations

Insights into why dogs act the way they do, covering various canine behaviors and their underlying causes.

Session Scheduling 

Personal account where you can manage and schedule all our sessions in one place

All sessions scheduled at your own convivence

The Process

Let's Chat About It!

Want to speak about things?

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Do It Yourself!

Just follow the step-by-step process below! You will be able to take care of forms, scheduling, creating an account, and payment. 

Step 1


"Sign Up" Form


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Steps 2, 3, & 4

Payment, Scheduling,

& Account Creation
Please follow link contained after the next section. You will be directed to create an account, which will be used for all scheduling and will allow payment to be made. Once payment is made, scheduling will be activated. 

  • Basic Obedience Beginner

    Basic Obedience Training
    Valid for 6 months
    • 5 Sessions
    • Sit, Stay, Walking
    • Recall, Leave It, Drop it
    • Down, Paw and much more!
  • Basic Obedience Intermediate

    Taking Beginner Training To a Whole New Level
    Valid for 6 months
    • New Behaviors: Heel, Place, Advanced Leave It
    • Creating Reliability
    • Completing 3 D's of Dog Training For Beginners Training
    • Distance, Duration and Distraction
    • 5 Sessions
  • Basic Obedience Advanced

    Custom Training
    Valid for 6 months
    • Choice of training area to focus on
    • Agility, Nose Work, Therapy Work, Behavior Work
    • 5 Sessions


Please feel free to reach out!

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