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What many of my past clients have said about me!

All in one place.

These are taken from emails or from my public

profile on the website, Thumbtack (please feel free to have a visit).

"We cannot say enough about Daniel (otherwise known as D.J. in our house). We had an extremely anxious and protective pup when Daniel first joined us. Now, we can leave him for up to 5 hours in his crate calm and stress free! He truly made this process a breeze. I can’t believe the progress we saw even in the first two sessions! If you go anywhere else for your training needs, you’re crazy!" - Brooke L - Exton, PA

"Daniel is an absolutely amazing trainer! I've been dealing with my super anxious pup for almost a year, tried all different training technique, no luck. One day I found Daniel, gave me a lot of knowledges and showed me how to use them. It was really easy to work with him. Happy that I found him and def will get a follow up session to show or progress. Thank you very much Daniel!" Diva and Anya - Philadelphia, PA

"We have really enjoyed using Daniel to aid in the training of our two puppies. He is full of wonderful knowledge and ideas, especially when dealing with the added challenge of training two puppies at once. He is friendly, passionate about dogs, prompt and reliable and has been huge help as we are navigating new and unexpected challenges. We have started with the puppy package, but will definitely continue using Dan to aid with the intermediate and advanced training." - Christie - Philadelphia, PA

"Daniel was fantastic. He showed great patience in training our dog and us as owners. He explained the science/psychology behind why our dogs behave the way they do which helped us understand and reinforce our training. I would highly recommend MuttHaviorist for any training needs." - Paul - Jenkintown, PA

"Daniel gave my dog and I another shot at a life together. My giant breed puppy was getting stronger every day. Walks were quickly becoming impossible, because he would bark and lunge at anything that moved. I reached out for help as a last resort, after a rough night that left me scraped up and feeling defeated. My next step would’ve been to re-home my dog.

Daniel was very responsive and was able to fit me in within a few days.

After just 2 sessions, my bond with my dog is stronger than ever and we’re able to take peaceful walks outside. I highly recommend Daniel and cannot stress how life-changing our sessions were. Not only did he help me train my dog, but he also changed my perspective on training and gave me resources to refer back to outside of our sessions. Even my neighbors have commented on my dog’s changed behavior. If you’re thinking about hiring Daniel, do it now!

It’s the best investment I’ve made as a dog parent."

Carol Ann - Philadelphia, PA

"We are very grateful and thankful we found Daniel. Before reaching out to him, I was advised we might have to give up our dog and that I was at risk because of his behavior. But that was not an option, we loved him and were determined to find a way. We had a long conversation with Daniel and decided this is path we wanted to take. We had a 2-hour first meeting with an evaluation and a and then a follow up session. In that time, I learned that Daniel really knows the psychology of dogs and used very kind non-aggression positive reinforcement-based approach to working with our pup.

One of the things I truly appreciated was that he was honest in his approach with the humans as well as our dog. He clearly understands that sometimes the truth can be tough but he will be there to help you understand how the human’s actions is affecting your dog in any situation and how to go about things in the best way possible for the best possible outcome. And as long as your open, you will see the results that you’re looking for. Of course, they could be set backs and Daniel did express this possibility but we actually haven’t had one yet.

After our first session and a book source (What a wealth of information!) we were well on our way to rehabilitating a reactive and aggressive dog. One of the biggest issues we were having was that our pup was getting inconsistent messages from different family members due to everyone having their own walking and training styles. Because of Daniel, we were able to come together for the benefit and the best interest of our pup while using training to help him improve and get what he needs.

I am so happy to say that I am thrilled with the results as we now have an amazingly happy and balanced pup! As well as some happy owners! As with everything, there will be some struggles (mostly human lol) but you will come out of it on the side and I can tell you it will be well worth it. We are so happy with the improvement we have seen and couldn’t recommend Daniel enough"

Denise - Philadelphia, PA

"We have really enjoyed using Daniel to aid in the training of our two puppies. He is full of wonderful knowledge and ideas, especially when dealing with the added challenge of training two puppies at once. He is friendly, passionate about dogs, prompt and reliable and has been huge help as we are navigating new and unexpected challenges." - Christie - Lansdale, PA

Daniel was fantastic with our GiGi. All the training techniques Daniel implemented were spot-on; they made sense to us and for GiGi. Best of all THEY WORKED! Training a 3 month old puppy can be frustrating but with Daniel's guidance, GiGi's training became a more enjoyable learning experience for all involved and most importantly we saw positive results immediately! If we had an additional question or concern and didn't want to wait until the next scheduled training session we could call or email Daniel and he would respond quickly-that shows he cares. We highly recommend Daniel! Ernie & Trish - Emmaus, PA

"The best ever! Cannot do enough for you to make raising a puppy. Always there for you! Daniel will take all phone calls as well as emails.

Even after all sessions are over, Daniel is still available for any help that may be needed and will not charge for the time."

Mary Lou - Lansdale, PA

"Everything about Daniel was fantastic from his initial response to our inquiry, all the way through our final session. Daniel left us with great tools to keep practicing and working with our dog and instilled in us the confidence to make the changes that we didn't even know we needed. He was so knowledgeable about the training and fully explained the reasoning behind every bit of information he provided. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for dog training and especially training with aggressive dogs." - Tricia - Philadelphia, PA

"As a first time dog owner, I wasn’t interested in working with a trainer. Rather, I wanted to find a partner that would work alongside me in teaching Harper how to live his best life. Daniel was that and much, much more. Daniel is extremely knowledgeable, professional, punctual, absolutely loves dogs and is always available to offer guidance. I highly recommend Daniel… he’s the best in the business!!" - John - Philadelphia, PA

"Daniel was an amazing trainer for our golden doodle Auggie. My husband and I saw a huge improvement in our Auggie’s behavior after just a single session, and it only got progressively better as each session went on. Daniel was extremely patient with both our dog and us through each lesson. He gave us the knowledge and tools to continue to train Auggie on our own by sending us notes of what we went over after each session. Having him come to our home to help Auggie learn behavior methods in his own territory really made it easy to transition what he learned in real life scenarios. I highly recommend MuttHaviorist if you are looking for training that will have a lasting impact!" - Angela - Bensalem, PA

"Daniel has been the most patient and respectful person to work with these past few weeks. He’s very reliable and will respond to any questions and concerns within the same few hours. The compassion and love he has for dogs and his job is shown like no other. I will definitely be contacting Daniel,

for all my future concerns with dogs! Thank you for everything❤️"

- Emily - Philadelphia, PA

"We have had Daniel working with our dog Manny for a few months. Manny has come a long way since beginning his training - Daniel is patient and kind with both Manny and myself. He has taught me a lot about working with Manny - I have also learned just from talking with Daniel about dealing with animals in general. Anyone who has concerns about their pet should absolutely contact this gentleman!" - Patricia - Philadelphia, PA

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