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Part of being a Behaviorist means I work a lot with dogs who didn't get the chance to have a puppyhood that could have really helped them live much better lives. So when it comes to puppies I want to do my very best to make sure they have an easy life. With this in mind, I have created program options to help you and your puppy conquer the world together in a healthy, confident, and well mannered way. From the groomer and the vet to fireworks, vacuums and other pups; you both will be set up for success!


Puppy Programs- 3 Choices

Puppy Basic
5 sessions
Basic obedience 
and all basic puppy needs
and support
Puppy Everything

9 Sessions

Basic Obedience

Q/A & Info Session


Socialization Session w/ My Dog

Dog Behavior 101 Session

Puppy Essential
7 Sessions
Basic Obedience

Q/A & Info Session


General Information 

1/2 hour Potty Training Conversation within 24-48hrs of sign up & purchase. With all programs.
Puppy Basic
Five: 1 hour

Puppy Everything
Four: 2 hour
One: 1 Hour
Puppy Essential
2 hour
Three: 1 Hour
Easy to Follow,
Sign Up
Process, Below.
I Got Your Back!
With every purchase unlimited customer service.
Annoy me,
I mean it
All Programs
Come with tips on having the best relationship possible with your dog
Schedule all your own sessions

The Process to Move Forward

Step 1
"Sign Up Form"


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Step 2

our initial
2 hour session

(Following Section

Step 3

Sign up


After sign up

Follow up session scheduling

will be
Needed Step?
Contact Daniel?

Sign Up Form


Puppy Basic

Puppy Essential

Puppy Everything

Puppy Programs

  • Puppy Basic

    Basic Obedience Program For Puppies
    Valid for 6 months
    • All important training Included
    • Help with all puppy issues
    • 5 Sessions
    • Sit, Stay, Leave It, Drop it, Walking, Recall, Down and More
  • Puppy Essential

    Basic Obedience Training, Information & Desensitization Sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • Basic Obedience Training Sessions - Included in Basic
    • Learn Everything About Puppies/Q&A Session
    • Desensitization Session
    • 7 Sessions
  • Best Value

    Puppy Everything

    Everything a puppy needs to be ready for life
    Valid for 6 months
    • Basic Obedience Training Sessions
    • Everything You Need to Know About Puppies/Q&A Session
    • Desensitization Session
    • Socialization Session w/ One of My Dogs
    • Dog Behavior Presentation
    • 9 Sessions

Would you like to speak first?

I am happy to go over anything you'd like,

please feel free to reach out!

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