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In-Home Doggie Day Camp

Let Me Do All The Work!

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 Get all the benefits of a board and train without spending all the money!

It's as simple as that! I do all the work and you enjoy all the benefits!

Through this program I will come to your home, nearby park, or particular situations and work with your dog either training basic obedience or working on behavior rehabilitation. Along with coaching sessions and a dog behavior presentation, pet parents will be ensured that the knowledge and training will be taught and handed over to pet parents so it can continue to be applied properly.

Please read below to learn more! 

General Information

Session Length

  • All Sessions = 1 Hour

How It Works

  • 4 Weeks total

  • 2 Training, 1 Coaching Session per week

  • Last session - Presentation

The Right To Annoy

Session Breakdown

  •  6 Training Sessions

  •  3 Coaching Sessions

  •  1  Dog Behavior Session

Behavior Rehabilitation 

  • Initial program is a pre-requisite

Think Of It Like This...

  • Having a private dog walker come to your home, while it's being supercharged with training!

The Process 

Let's Chat About It!

Want to speak about things?

No problem!

Please follow the link below and we can connect.

Do It Yourself!

Just follow the step-by-step process below! You will be able to take care of forms, scheduling, creating an account, and payment. 

The Process: Do It Yourself 

Step 1


"Sign Up" Form


Just Click Below

Step 2


"Behavior Questionnaire"

(If Needed)

No Detail is Unimportant!

Steps 3,4,5

Payment, Scheduling,

& Account Creation
Please follow link contained after the next section. You will be directed to create an account, which will be used for all scheduling and will allow payment to be made. Once payment is made, scheduling will be activated. 

Pricing & Packages

Doggie Day Camp
Valid for 6 months
Behavior Rehabilitation 
Basic Obedience
10 Sessions Total
Coaching Sessions
For Dogs of All Ages

*You are only committed to the initial package

Doggie Day Camp



Perfect for all dogs no matter the issue or training level

Valid for 6 months


Please feel free to reach out!

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