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Behavior Rehabilitation 

Knowledgeable,  Flexible , & Compassionate

 Different dogs, with different issues need different approaches to help them. 

Each dog and situation is unique and is treated like such.

That is why every program starts with an initial evaluation and 2 sessions.

This way a proper estimate can be made and every client

can feel comfortable taking everything step by step.

From location and family dynamics, to your dog themselves, their personality

and issues. Everything is important and sometimes the smallest detail is the answer. So to be as ethical, comprehensive and fair as possible to all involved, the process is designed with this in mind. First, we figure out what is going on and then we start helping as soon as possible.

General Information

Session Length

1st Meeting = 2 hours

All other meetings = 1 Hour

Initial Package

2 Hour Meeting (Includes Eval)

1 Hour Follow Up

The Right To Annoy

With every purchase comes unlimited customer service.

Annoy me, I mean it!

Sessions Per Program

 Depends On Issue

Follow Up Programs - If Needed

2 Sessions, 4 Sessions, 6 Sessions

Dog Behavior Explanations

Insights into why dogs act the way they do, covering various canine behaviors and their underlying causes.

The Process 

Let's Chat About It!

Want to speak about things?

No problem!

Please follow the link below and we can connect.

Do It Yourself!

Just follow the step-by-step process below! You will be able to take care of forms, scheduling, creating an account, and payment. 

The Process: Do It Yourself 

Step 1


"Sign Up" Form


Just Click Below

Step 2


"Behavior Questionnaire"

No Detail is Unimportant!

Steps 3,4,5

Payment, Scheduling,

& Account Creation
Please follow link contained after the next section. You will be directed to create an account, which will be used for all scheduling and will allow payment to be made. Once payment is made, scheduling will be activated. 

Pricing & Packages

Initial Package
Valid for 6 months
Behavior Rehabilitation 
2 Sessions - Totaling 3 hours
1 hour follow up session
Includes Evaluation
Create and put plan into action

*You are only committed to the initial package

Continuing Rehabilitation Packages
Valid for 6 months
All Sessions are 1 Hr in length
2 Sessions - $250
4 Sessions - $450
6 Sessions - $650
Schedule Package Below

Behavior Rehabilitation Initial Package



Valid for 6 months

Evaluation & Session

Follow Up Session


Please feel free to reach out!

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