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Behavior Rehabilitation

Dog behaviorist

Knowledgeable, flexible, and compassionate are some words to describe how I work dogs. I start with being their advocate and trying to understand why they acting and feeling the way they are. Understanding that every case is different and approaching it as such, creates a dichotomy that allows for a effective and efficient process. This process helps your pup to get better as soon as possible. My hope is be able to start that process during a first meeting with any client.  Please see below to learn all about it. As well, I am more than happy to speak with you about your pup what you're facing act the moment!

How It Works

Different Issues, Different Pups, Different Approaches

 Starting with the idea that different issues for different pups require different approaches. I will always look at each dog and situation as it's own. And even though a client will fill out a form and we will speak about what is going on, I am not going to know everything I need to know until I've met you and your pup. Thus, it is inappropriate for me to quote anyone a big amount of money for a long amount of time. From location and family dynamics, to your pup him/herself. Everything is important and sometime the smallest detail is the answer. So to be as ethical, comprehensive and fair as possible to all involved, it's only logical that the process reflect this.

The process starts with an initial package that consists of 2 sessions, totaling 3 hours. a 2 hour first meeting that includes an evaluation and a session (create and put plan into action). And a follow up session. During our first meeting I will determine what is going on and we will discuss what is further needed and we go from there.

You are only committed to the initial package. 


You can be confident in knowing that you are not putting a crazy amount money out at any one time and it will allow for a true estimate of many sessions may be required.

Which is better for everybody, especially your pup.

Initial Package - $350


3 hours total
over two sessions
1st Meeting
Two hours w/eval included 
1 Hour follow-up session

Continuing Rehabilitation Packages

All Sessions 1hr in Length (If Needed)

2 Sessions $250
4 Sessions $450
6 Sessions $650

The Process to Move Forward

Step 1
"Sign Up Form"


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Step 2

our initial
2 hour session

(Following Section

Step 3

Sign up


After sign up

Follow up session scheduling

will be
Needed Step?
Contact Daniel?

Sign Up Form

Please follow link below to complete the "Sign Up Form"


Please follow link below to complete the "Behavior Questionnaire"

Schedule Eval & First Session

Please follow link below 

To Sign Up Press Paw Below

Anything else please contact me further below

  • Behavior Rehabilitation Initial Package

    Valid for 6 months
    • Evaluation & Session
    • Follow Up Session

Would you like to speak?

I am happy to go over anything you'd like,

please feel free to reach out!

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