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 Helping Your Dog

From nipping and anxiety to aggression and major fear.

Helping your dog conquer what they are facing is always the goal! 

MuttHaviorist Behavior Rehabilition
MuttHaviorist Puppy Programs
MuttHaviorist Basic Obedience Dog Training

Behavior Rehabilitation

Aggression, fear, separation anxiety, and pretty much any non-medical behavioral issue a pup may be dealing with. I can help with whatever your pup needs and will take the most open-minded approach possible. To ensure we get to the core reason something could be happening which is affecting your pup in a negative way. 

Puppy Programs

Working with puppies is always such a great opportunity to make sure they get everything they to get ready for life!

I have designed different programs to ensure your pup will get everything they need to be set up from the start. From desensitization to meeting one of my dogs, these programs will prepare your pup for success in life's endeavors.

Basic Obedience Training

Get all the basics and more! For pups 6+ months of age, the basic obedience training program will give you more than just training. There will be a focus on having the proper relationship with your dog and how to properly apply leadership, training, and positive  reinforcement. To make sure you and your pup can achieve anything together!

About Me

About The Behaviorist

I am the MuttHavorist, a CCPDT certified Canine Behaviorist and Professional Dog Trainer, the best qualified person, through my experience, knowledge, skills and an intangible relationship with dogs to help you gain control of the problem(s) you are facing with your pup.


I have trained dogs for over 13,000 hours over a period of 14 years, and I have earned the CCPDT certifications (CBCC-KA and CPDT-KA), the industry’s gold standard certifications.


Together, this should put you at ease knowing that you are hiring an experienced, certified canine professional who will bring positive-reinforcement based solutions to help your dog, no matter what breed, size, age, and issue. I will always look out for your dog’s best interests while using the most humane training techniques.

Click below to learn more about the different programs

I have for dogs of all ages and issues.

Thank you for stopping by!


Certified Canine Behaviorist
Certfied Professional Dog Trainer
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Customer Reviews

We brought 3 of our dogs to Daniel because I truly feel like he cared about each dog as a whole and not just trying to get them to obey.

His approach to training has been different than any other trainer we have spoken or worked with. His explanations of dog behavior have been so helpful in understanding our dogs and how to work with them.

He is the best dog trainer we have ever worked with. 

- Lindsay - Collegeville, PA

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