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Me Being a Certified Canine Professional
Peace of Mind For You

Believe it or not, dog training and even dog grooming are unregulated industries. 

Tomorrow you could wake up, say you're a trainer and start training dogs, even if you didn't know a thing about dogs. Conversely, looking for training or for behavior help for your dog can very much be luck of the draw, as if you are reading this, then you are on the ride of what is called the "Wild West of Dog Training."

And I truly hope this your last stop.


I went through it with my first dog. I knew nothing about dogs and I needed help. Three trainers later, no improvement. I felt helpless, frustrated, and hopeless. So, I decided to study how to train dogs and started working with my boy.

Never forgetting this experience, as I started to train dogs professionally, I learned about the industry being unregulated. From then on, I made it a priority to become certified first as trainer and then as a behavior consultant (canine behaviorist). I wanted to make sure every potential client would know they could trust the person that was guiding them and providing advice for a being they love. My certifications represent something so much bigger than just passing two extremely comprehensive and challenging exams on everything dogs. (Outside of medicine of course)


They represent my fascination and appreciation of dogs, their behavior and how to help them. They demonstrate my dedication, knowledge, skills, and experience helping and learning about dogs. In addition, it shows I keep myself to a higher standard and adhere to a set of ethics that allows for best outcomes for dogs and humans alike in the most humane ways possible.


Most importantly, it means you can trust me to take a chance. A chance to provide me with the privilege and opportunity to work you and your dog.

To help all involved get to a better place. 

If you’d like to speak with me further on this subject and how it applies to working with your dog, or dogs in general, please feel free to reach out at anytime! 

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