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Dog Walk
Dog Walker


These custom programs are created depending on what kind of work your pup needs. If it's helping your pup get better at the vet or getting better with other dogs, it's something we can do. My pup Secret is trained to be around all types of pups with issues including aggression, fear, and reactivity. She can help and support your pup just as much as I can. Sometimes even more.  

Some Info to Know


  • Scary Vet Program


  • Other Dog Issues

The Process

The process will work the same as Behavior Rehabilitation. While focusing on the main issue. 


  • Dog Reactivity

  • Dog Socialization

  • Dog Therapy Training

Learn More About Behavior Rehabilitation Process

Would you like to speak first?

I am happy to go over anything you'd like,

please feel free to reach out!

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